I need help with a marketing plan assignment. I have attached a description of the assignment attached. I also have written a short description below.

Application you will develop a marketing plan.Choose one of the following:

1.	Increasing the consumption of low-fat milk and whole-grain carbohydrate sources (to reduce refined carbohydrates)
2.	Decreasing TV time for preschoolers and elementary school children
Write a two to three page paper in which you describe your strategic marketing plan. Your plan must include these elements:
•	Goals
•	Objectives (include measurable objectives)
•	Selected audience(s)
•	Core strategy (including the four P's of marketing as well as any relevant partnerships or policies)
•	Evaluation
In describing your core strategy, refer to the four P’s of marketing. As a reminder, product, price, place, and promotion constitute the marketing mix—the group of variables that a marketer can alter to achieve the desired public health outcome of behavior change.
•	The product is the specific behavior change, good, service, or program of interest.
•	The price is the cost that must be borne by the target audience in terms of monetary expenditure, time, discomfort, inconvenience, and so forth.
•	The place refers to channels of distribution, including the outlets through which the product is available
•	The promotion involves some combination of advertising, media relations, promotional events, advocacy, and entertainment used to communicate with target audience members about the product.
In your paper, make sure to consider why individuals in your selected audience(s) might oppose your goal. Explain in your plan how will you counter this potential opposition, as well as how you will evaluate it for its effectiveness.