Marketing audit

Marketing audit

Marketing audit

Topic: Marketing audit

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Preferred language style: English (U.S.)


? Read Ch. 5 & 8 and the Sales Forecasting Techniques section in Ch. 9 of Marketing.

2. Individual Assignment: Marketing Audit Approach

? Resources: University of Phoenix Material: Marketing Audit Overview

? Refer to the Marketing Audit Overview as a guide to prepare an action plan that includes key tasks and due dates for the Marketing Audit due in Week Six.

? Identify what key tasks you will do and how you will do the key tasks.

? Include key resources such as people, data, reports, and articles, among others to be used.

? Identify how you will approach the Marketing Audit.

? Describe the steps you will take to complete the Marketing Audit.

? Discuss the following in each part of the Marketing Audit:

o The types of information and data you plan to review
o The types of analysis you might perform on the data that you collect
o When you plan to do the audit
o Any challenges that you perceive in completing the part

? Present 20 pieces of information about your approach for doing the audit, as there are five parts to the audit, and four questions. Although there is no minimum length for this assignment, a one- or two-paragraph response does not provide the reader with sufficient detail.

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