Management : Project Communication Plan

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Assignments:Project Communication Plan (Course Project Part 5)
Read assignment guidelines in the Course Home section of your course menu. Download and review grading rubrics in Doc Sharing.
Utilize examples from your text or examples online that meet your specific needs in developing the Communication Plan for the Project that will substantively explain, and analyze the positive contributions to the success of the project. Include design, structure, communication channel methods, assigned roles, leadership, groups, teams, and control measures. The communication will be 7-10 pages APA formatted. Include 5-7 peer-reviewed references.
NOTE:Utilize the threaded discussion could assist you in defining your Communications Plan. Be sure to utilize the feedback from peers to strengthen your work.
Please submit by Sunday midnight.
Address the following questions in your paper:
• Why is the development of a communication plan so critical to the success of the Project?
• In your current business are there any specific communication quirks that would need to be addressed in your project communication plan? Explain
• In your own opinion are there items that you feel are very critical and others may not see the value – If so why are they important and as Project Manager will you add them to the Communication Plan? Explain