Interest Rates

Interest Rates

The scrapbook topic should be one for which you think there will be at least two articles per week. For example, a student may choose to follow news that affects a particular sector or news on interest rates, on insider trading, on energy prices, on a regulatory event, or on some related group of events. The intent is that you familiarize themselves with real world happenings during the course, and enjoy learning something about a business topic that interests you. The scrapbook should begin with a summary of the articles (3 pages, double spaced). Ideally, this summary will link the items in the scrapbook into a bit of a story that will help make sense of the topic. That is, show me what you have learned from following your topic for all these weeks. Being able to organize what you learn into a narrative suggests that the topic yous elect should not be too broad, or there will not be enough relationship among the articles to make a story.

NOTE: Only do the summary. The topic I chose is “interest rates”

Below are the news and articles on which the summary will focus. Most of the articles are not long

January 10 
Canada looses nearly 46,000 jobs in December

January 13
Why are mortgage rates hitting record lows?

January 16 
Talk of rising interest rates no reason for homeowners to panic

January 19
Royal Bank quietly cuts some mortgage rates

January 21
Canadian dollar drops half a cent after Bank of Canada rate decision

January 22
5 things to know about interest rates right now
5 things to know about interest rates right now
January 29 Tax SeasonTurkey, South Africa raise rates to stop currency mayhem January 31 Colombia holds interest rate to drive growth, lift inflation February 3 Tame growth for Canada’s economy means low interest rates for longer: IMF February 6 Bank of England leaves interest rates unchanged at 0.5% February 11 Fed in no rush to hike interest rates — chair February 12 Canadian Dollar Modestly Higher After Ceding Earlier Gains February 19 Pension deficits shrink thanks to higher interest rates February 21 Canada's inflation surge dims chances of interest rate cut February 24 Rates rise aside, bonds still a good bet February 27 A Safer Way to Trade Interest Rate Swaps March 3 Bank of Canada keeps policy interest rate unchanged at 1% March 5 Changing bond strategies as interest rate hikes loom