Industry Life Cycle – Critique of Industry Level Analysis

Industry Life Cycle – Critique of Industry Level Analysis

Industry Life Cycle – Critique of Industry Level Analysis

Industry Life Cycle – Critique/Industry Level Analysis

· Length: A written report of approximately 2,500 words


You are to undertake a literature review of the Industry Life Cycle model/framework, assessing its value as a guide to developing strategy, and (in the light of your findings) analyse an industry.

Your choice of industry can be taken from the following list OR discussed/approved with your lecturer.

    Mobile Phones
    Fitness Centres

This assignment will allow you to demonstrate:

(a) an in-depth understanding of the Industry Life Cycle framework
(b) an ability to undertake detailed analysis of an individual industry

Part A: Industry Life Cycle Framework – Critique

To successfully address this part you must:

1) Provide a scholarly overview of the “Industry Life Cycle Framework” by finding, reading and synthesizing information from texts and peer reviewed journals.You are to comment on at least two (2) contemporary examples of the Industry Life Cycle Frameworkbeing applied in the “real world”.
Your comments should summarise the central themes and scope of the works and identify whether they have contributed to your understanding of this framework. You must also provide a copy of the abstract of the article with full bibliographical details.
Appropriate texts and peer reviewed journals can be accessed through the UB library and your campus library.

2) Write a critique of the “Industry Life Cycle Framework” that provides an assessment of its usefulness as an analytical tool for understanding and developing competitive analysis. To achieve this you should reflect upon, and draw upon, the findings of the above.

Part B: Industry Level Analysis

Using an individual industry you are undertake a detailed analysis of a selected and approved industry.

This will allow you to develop a very thorough and well-based analysis of the industry and this will require you to also consider the related issue of industry definition. Having a detailed and sound understanding of any industry is a key input into competitive analysis and related strategic decisions.

You should analyse the industry using a range (e.g. 2-3) of appropriate frameworks – including the Industry Life Cycle Framework. This helps to reinforce that industry level analysis typically requires information to be generated from several perspectives – each yielding differing outcomes.

The choice of industry should be approved by your lecturer and your lecturer will be able to provide some appropriate guidance.

Throughout the unit you will be provided with material and associated discussion about industry level analysis and the key tools and frameworks you can use. Your lecturer will be able to assist you with your choice of analytical frameworks to consider using.

Assessment Criteria:

The assignment will be assessed against the following criteria:

    Your ability to interpret, analyse, and respond to the question asked in an appropriate manner
    The thoroughness of research undertaken, extent of reading, collection of relevant data, and quality of sources consulted, etc.
    Your ability to analyse source material and draw valid conclusions to support arguments etc.
    Evidence of your understanding of industry level analysis and your ability to apply industry level analysis frameworks and perspectives
    Evidence of personal reflection and insight
    Full acknowledgment of sources consulted, references used etc. including the bibliography
    Evidence of your ability to logically arrange and present the materials to an acceptable standard