Human Resources

Each question has to be 250 words or more.
1.	Management researchers have identified a broad range of benefits from having a diverse workforce. Consider these benefits and think about the steps that an organization should take in order to realize them. Write an essay identifying some of the important benefits of having a diverse workforce. Discuss some of the challenges organizations often encounter while trying to build a diverse workforce. Then describe some of the actions an organization should take to overcome those challenges, explaining why those actions would be helpful. Provide examples to support your conclusions.

2.	Cultural differences affect business communications in a wide variety of ways. Those who lack awareness of these differences often make faulty assumptions, misunderstand the intentions of others, and fail to convey what they wish to express.
In an essay, discuss communication problems that can arise when individuals from different cultures interact. Explain how effective communicators can avoid these misunderstandings.

3.	Organizations often find that they need to develop new skills and abilities in order to expand their operations internationally. Consider the differences between operating in one country and operating in many countries. Write an essay describing the skills and abilities that an organization would need to develop in order to compete in the global marketplace. Explain why those skills and abilities are especially important in an international setting. Provide examples to support your point of view.