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Directions: Choose one of the following areas of HR specialization and do a complete analysis in essay form making sure to cover all of the following and any other pertinent information. Make sure all sources are recent please.

Minimun- 7 pages plus a works cited page , APA style, double spaced.

Recruitment and Selection

Training and Development



Global Specialist


Employee Relations

Labor Relations

Health and Safety

Questions to be Answered IN ESSAY FORM

1) Describe the area of specialization

2) Describe how to progress job training, certifications, salary expectations

3) Describe guidelines for a company to excel in this area (you can benchmark companies if you wish)

4) Describe measurement techniques and statistics for this area

5) Discuss how mistakes, failures, etc in this area can affect a company

6) Is this an area of HR you would like to work in? Why or why not?

7) Anything else you wish to add