Hospitality provisions Paper details

Assignment:LO 1: A. Discuss the scope and scale of the hospitality industry within the travel and tourism sector with a global perspective and examine the role of hospitality function using your experience in your chosen organisation. B. Examine the role of hospitality provisions within the travel and tourism operations and discuss the interrelationship between hospitality and travel and tourism LO 2: A. Explain integration in hospitality and travel and tourism businesses and discuss with example drawn from your organization how horizontal and vertical integration in the industry affects the hospitality organisations. B. Discuss the impacts of integration and how the organisation decides to respond to the consequences of integration. Consider both vertical and horizontal integrations. LO 3: A. Produce a project proposal for a new hospitality business outlining the product­service concept, target market, location, operating model (including staffing), and design based on a thorough market potential analysis with suitability and acceptability criteria in mind. B. Briefly outline and assess the financial feasibility of the proposed project based on the expected cash­flow analysis.