This discussion task is designed to improve your understanding of the analytical report, which is our last writing assignment for the class.
To complete the task, please do the following:
Access the document called “Technical Writing: Student Samples and Teacher Responses, Part II,” by Charney, D., and Selzer, J.
See the section starting at page 64 of the document. It features a piece of writing by a student named Joseph Auteri, who was in a technical writing class at Pennsylvania State University.
Please answer the following questions:
1. On page 69, Mr. Auteri is told to improve his table of contents. What does the instructor mean by the comment, “Can you make these headings parallel?” How would you adjust the wording in the table of contents if you were the student and the instructor gave you this comment?

2. On page 70, Mr. Auteri is given some comments on his executive summary. Most of the comments relate to grammar and word-level issues. Rewrite his executive summary, addressing the grammatical issues that the instructor notes.

3. On page 70, Mr. Auteri is asked to “beef up” the first paragraph of his executive summary. Why, from your perspective, is the instructor asking for more content here?

4. Please consider any other comment that the instructor wrote on Mr. Auteri’s paper. What did you learn from the comment, or what observation can you make from the comment? You can write a couple of sentences in answering this question.

5. Overall, what was the purpose of this analytical report? Did it apply any of the rhetorical patterns listed in your textbook on page 5-19 (please note: this is 5 dash 19)? If so, which pattern did it apply?