Study questions for readings on the rhetoric of film

Daniel P. Franklin, “Film, the Media, and American Tales,” in Politics and Film: The Political Culture of Film in the United States (Oxford, UK: Rowman & Littlefield, 2006)

1.	Describe how movies participate in a “feedback loop” with American political culture.
2.	What does Franklin identify as the 5 main components of American ideology? Describe each in 1 or 2 sentences.
3.	Briefly summarize the 3 “American Tales” that Franklin gives as examples of the “oral tradition of American nationhood.”
4.	What function besides escapism does Franklin say that movies serve (see the bottom of p. 28)?
Naomi R. Rockler, “Messages between the Lions: The Dominance of the Transmission Paradigm in Student Interpretations of The Lion King,” Journal of Communication Inquiry 25.1 (January 2001): 6-21.

1.	Succinctly explain the difference between the transmission paradigm of communication and the ritual paradigm of communication.
2.	Into what kinds of groups did Rockler arrange the students who were the subjects of her study?
3.	Summarize the main findings of Rockler’s study.