Global and International Business Context

Global and International Business Context

 You are employed by the Boston Consulting Group. Your company has been recently approached by a multinational corporation, which is looking for new business opportunities overseas. One option that has been suggested to a board of directors is wine production in Tunisia. Your task is to evaluate the attractiveness of this industry. You are required therefore to carry out the necessary research to construct an analysis of the overall competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the Tunisian wine industry. You should use a range of published sources of information in this task, such as books, academic journals, periodicals, web resources and relevant databases.

Part 1: Porter’s National Diamond Analysis (60 marks)

Apply the extended version of Porter’s National Diamond (PND) model to the Tunisian wine industry.

Part 2: Contemporary Management Issues (20 marks)

Discuss TWO key management issues that should be taken into account before developing operations in the Tunisian wine industry.

Part 3: Market Entry Strategy (20 marks)

Based on your research and analysis in Part 1 and 2, identify TWO possible market entry strategies and discuss the advantages and limitations of each. You need to provide a clear recommendation to the board of directors.


Guidance Notes

    The word limit for the overall assignment is 3600 words.

    Write your analysis as a piece of business communication in report style, using headings and a numbering system, including any illustrations you think are useful. All the figures, charts and tables used in the main body of the report must be explained and justified.

    There should be no first person references (I, we, us) in the report.  If self-reference is required, you may refer to yourself as “the author” or “this report”.

    This is a research-basedassignment. Your analytical discussion must be supported by a significant number of information sources. Be selective and prioritise to highlight the most important factors.

    Clarity and concision are encouraged and will be rewarded. You should be thorough and detailed in your analysis, and all the points should be fully explained and justified – but there is a balance to be sought between a mass of detail and a thorough, yet relatively concise reasoning.