Finance Multiple Problems

Finance Multiple Problems


1.BOnd A has a yield to maturity f 7.90%, while bond B has a YTM OF 7.60%. This difference would be described by a bond trader as :

2. By examining bond prices, coupons, and maturities, it is relatively straightforward to determine______________interest rate

3. The Current yield of a bond is far more useful than jusk looking a the coupon rate, because it utilizes the_____________, instead of the ________ of bond.

4. susan has selected an appropriate bond to fill a gap in her portfolio. She has calculated the yield to maturity to be 8.3 percent, but she knows that this yield will only be realized if
5. A bond investor has three possible soucers of dollars returns, these are coupon payments ,capital gains or losses and:

6you say with certainty that holding all factors affecting bond prices constant, the price of a ond currently trading over face will .

7. john is considering buying bonds because he expects interst raes to decline over the next 12 months. To maximimize his capital gain potential he decides to invest in a

8. When bond traders fear that interest rates are heading u, they know they can reduce their exposure to the interst rate change by holding bonds with.

9. The most accurate measure of the economic life of a bond can be found by calculating the bond's

10. Central to the concept of bond duration is the fact that duration of a bond that pays coupon interest will always be _____ the bonds maturity.

11. Consider two bonds that mature on the same date. Bond A has a shorter duration thatn bond B because Bond A has a :

12. Bonds appeal to a wide variety of investors because they can offer both_______ and _______

13 Individual investors who wan to diversity with foreign bonds may choose a bond fund because many issues of foreign bonds do not have:

14. The bond market favors the Federal Reserve pursuing a tight monetary policy because it will likely reduce the potential of bond price declines due to :

15 A yield curve graphically displays the term structure of interest rates because it show interest for bonds that are identical EXCEPT FOR:

16. You observe that the yield curve has a steep upward slop. The liquidity preference theory explains this shape as being the result of investors' expectations of future interest rates, combined with a/an:

17. Two companies have bonds outstanding tha have identical maturites and coupon rates. The bonds of Company A are trading at a yield to maturity 100 basis points higher than the bonds of company B. THe most likely explanation for this yeield spread is that since date of issues, company A has had a changes in its:
18. you have chosen a passive bond investment strategy and are building a portfolio of bonds with a variety of maturities. These types of strategies are most common among investors who prefer Not to:

19 Becky has chosen to use a immunization strategy to structure her bond portfolio. Her primary reason for this decision is to offset_______, wth _______________

20. Unders a active bond investment strategy , the investor who expects interest rates to decline will MOST LIKELY seek to generate capital gains by making what changes to his bond portfolio?