Upon completing each ethics case, you will submit a reflection that contributes to your ethics case game points. To add to your reflection, you will consider deeper philosophical questions and discuss them with your peers.

1.In the course Forum, post your response to three of the questions below. You can choose to complete your assignment in a word processing document and then copy/paste it into the Forum message for review by your peers.
2.Choose three of the following questions to address:
a.Should every decision be reduced to a return on investment (ROI) theme? How might that thinking influence how one considers finding solutions to ethical dilemmas?
b.How are people or issues that “live in the margin” and are not considered a part of the majority affected by bottom line only thinking?
c.Have those who have lived with privilege had an advantage with decision makers who prefer the Results Lens? Explain.
d.Can the Results Lens thinking harmonize or divide individuals in our community? How?
e.What creative choices can be made to balance the nuances of the Results Lens?