Upon completing each ethics case, you will have submitted a reflection that contributed to your ethics case game points. To add to your understanding of the module readings in conjunction with the experience you've had in making ethical decisions in the game, this assignment presents questions for you to consider and to discuss so as to further incorporate the Relationship Lens into your professional life.

1.In the course Forum, post your response to three of the questions below. You can choose to complete your assignment in a word processing document and then copy and paste it into the Forum message for review by your peers.
2.Choose three of the following questions to address:
a.What types of systems are needed to ensure that all individuals have access to the benefits of our community as well to bring health and effectiveness to an organization or the broader community?
b.How do we ensure fair treatment, fair administration of rules, fair compensation, fair blame, and ensure due process to allow all opinions to be heard?
c.How might the Relationship Lens be misused through abuse of power or personal hubris? Cite a recent example in the news. (If you don't know the meaning of hubris, look it up and include its definition as you answer this question.)
d.How do you know when you are improperly using your personal power? How do you know when your life is out of balance? How do you bring it back into balance?