Explain at least three ethical principles that you follow and believe should be followed by all others. Provide a rationale for your views.

Discuss your agreement or disagreement with Hallie’s views on the definition of cruelty and the opposite of cruelty that he explained in his essay, “From Cruelty to Goodness.”
Discuss an example in the last 100 years in which a person or group of people, at the risk of their own safety, stood up for innocent, powerless victims against the prevailing view of society and / or government.

Research different theories and models of leadership: e.g., contingency, relational, shared, and complexity leadership.

How do they influence your thoughts about the function of leadership within organizations? Next, specify the function of leadership in a healthcare organization. How do these theories relate to your understanding of your own leadership style and philosophy? How do these theories change or deepen your understanding of your own leadership style and philosophy? For example, what are your thoughts about leadership being distributed throughout a human system? What are your reactions to the idea that leadership is not about people, but the spaces between people in human interaction?