ENGL216 Week 5 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest 2017 March

ENGL216 Week 5 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest 2017 March

Subject: English / General English
dq 1
Graphics and Illustrations (graded)
Even in technical documents a picture can equal a thousand words.

You can create illustrations, such as graphs, charts, diagrams, schematics, and images using a variety of software applications, such as Microsoft Visio, PowerPoint or Excel, and Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator. For this discussion

using your text (Chapter 13) and documents that you have reviewed or used previously, what suggestions do you have for writers in regard to illustrations; and
what types of illustrations or graphics are you planning to use for your Course Project? How do you think they will benefit your readers’ understanding?
Feel free to provide any examples that you may have.

dq 2

Drafting and Elements of Style (graded)
Let’s carefully examine the theory and practice of successfully drafting a lengthy document, such as a formal report or proposal.

For this discussion, begin by reviewing the section in Chapter 2: Writing Initial Drafts (page 51). I also recommend exploring the Interactive Parallelism tutorial in the refresher port at THE|HUB.

Based on the reading, the tutorial, and your experience, what are the best next steps after completing a comprehensive outline for a document? How do you get started with a draft? How do you personally overcome the challenges of writer’s block?


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