Eating Disorders

Description: Self-reflection Final Exam Paper (100 pts) This assignment allows you to reflect in a more in-depth fashion about the readings and discussions, as well as
your personal and professional observations regarding body image and eating disorders. You are required to include topics and assigned articles as
citations. Organize your report in APA 6th Edition format. Think about how the assigned readings and discussions will impact your approach to prevention,
treatment, etc, in the future. Your paper should be 5 pages double-spaced. No shorter or longer will be accepted. APA 6th Edition format should also be
used when citing sources. Refrain from using overly casual wording or improper grammar/syntax. Topics of discussion could be as follows: Bulimia,
Anorexia, Media on body image, Negative Body image and so forth. An attachment detailing topics covered in class is included follow one of those topics.