Discussion: Customer Tracking u SmartPh WIFI

Tracking Customers Using Smart Phone WIFI

Find at least one recent article on the Internet that discusses how some retail companies are tracking customers in stores/malls by using cell phone signals.

Give the URL, title and date of the article. Write at least  2 – 3 paragraphs summarizing the article (who, what, why). Tell us what you think about the pros and cons for the business and the customer. After you have submitted your post, reply to at least the postings of two other classmates.

Demonstrate critical thinking in both your original post and in your replies.

Criteria for choosing articles:

a. The article should relate to how retail businesses are using cell phone signals to track customers.

b. The article should be written in the past 24 months and must be at least a full page in length.

c. In addition to your primary article, you should also use a web site, such as https://ssd.eff.org/en/module/problem-mobile-phones (Links to an external site.)  or an opinion blog, for additional information to add to your post.