Discussion 1 Use of External Resources to gauge compensation levels

Subject: Business / General Business

Discussion 1 “Use of External Resources” Please respond to the following: Using external resources to gauge compensation levels may result in more equitable compensation planning. From the e-Activity, assess how you would integrate the data on the Payscale Website or similar sites into your compensation planning. Specifically indicate three measures to ensure that your compensation scale is competitive. Discussion 2 “Salary Survey” Please respond to the following: •Select a job within an industry with which you are familiar. Briefly describe the job and create a salary survey for that job that can be used to collect information that will help ensure that the surveying company is competitive in hiring and retaining people for that job. This survey should be a list of questions that will garner the information needed in order to help ensure that the job being surveyed is similar to the selected job. The questions must also acquire the salary information for the surveyed job.