Subject: Business    / General Business

(New product development)

My project about application for finding gluten free restaurant in NYC

– set up scope area such as Queens.

– search by put area code

– application info include review, menu, price, special promotion, discount

– for free trial 15 day (customers have to register on the website) etc..

**If you have any idea you can put on it

ps. I already put requirement.

The basis for interest (BFI) document is used in many organizations as a tool to gain
management approval for the new product development process for a given concept. It
is typically action-oriented in that it requests the necessary funding to conduct research,
build a production line, and so forth. Consequently, it is essential that the new productmarketing manager be able to sell the concept based on well-grounded reasoning. In
many cases, some of the product development has preceded the basis document;
hence, the manager must provide a status report on what has been done and what
needs to be completed prior to commercialization.
Your task will be to assemble a basis for interest for the new product of your choice.
Using the skills taught in this course, you should be able to gather data, analyze the
data, discuss preliminary marketing issues, conduct a financial evaluation, and address
The audience for the BFI is senior management who is serving as a cross-functional
team tasked with making approvals on future new product development resources.
From a stage gate perspective, this is a gate decision being made just before the
development stage (Crawford, Bendetto, p. 191, Figure 8.1).
You may use information from your company only if it is not proprietary. You cannot say
your idea is secret and cannot be shared. Deliverables
Week 6
Based on the information provided in the Objective and the Guidelines sections on this
page, submit a Course Project paper to the Week 6: Course Project Dropbox. Guidelines
Use the following outline on the Course Project paper. o
o Recommendation Overview—15 points
This section summarizes who, what, where, when, why, and maybe how; it
explains the purpose of the project.
The product concept should be spelled out very clearly. Basis for the Recommendation—45 points This provides your rationale as to why the company should pursue this o
o You will need at least three to five solid reasons to support your idea,
including the following. What is the customer need? What is the customer benefit(s)? What is the customer value? What is the size of the opportunity? Why will the customer buy?
Strategic Fit—25 points Does this concept fit the corporate strategy, business unit product line? o
Why? Forecast—20 points o Consider the revenue and unit estimates (5 years). o Consider the cost estimate, effects of learning curve. o Consider the capital requirement (ROI based on 10-year life). Project Plan—25 points o What is required to get this concept developed and tested? o Consider timing issues and potential roadblocks. Writing Quality—10 points Citations and References—10 points o For all sources, please cite in text and include a reference page. Point
s % Description Documentation
and Formatting 20 13.3
% A quality paper will include a title page, an
abstract, proper citations, and a reference page. Organization
Cohesiveness 30 20% A quality paper will include an introduction that is
based upon a well-formed thesis statement. The
logical order of the content will be derived from the
thesis statement. The content will be properly
subdivided into sections derived from the outline.
In a quality paper, the conclusion will summarize
the previously presented content, and it will
complement the thesis statement from the
introduction. Editing 10 6.7% A quality paper will be free of any spelling,
punctuation, or grammatical errors. Sentences and
paragraphs will be clear, concise, and factually
correct. Content 90 60% A quality paper will have significant scope and
depth of research to support any statements.
Relevant illustration or examples are encouraged.
A quality paper will employ sound use of reasoning
and logic to reinforce conclusions. 150 100% A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above
requirements. Total Week 6 (150 points)—Your final Course Project is due in Week 6. Ensure that you have
followed the above guidelines before submitting your Course Project. Best Practices
The following are best practices in preparing this paper. The paper should be a maximum of five pages, not including the cover page or
appendix. (Yes, only five pages!) Due to the short length of the paper, you must be pointed and
precise in your comments. Pictures, charts, and graphs may be helpful, but should be included
in an appendix supporting your document. You must tightly focus your thinking in this limited
space. Get to your point and recommendations quickly. Any writing past the fifth page will not
count for grading. The paper must contain one and one-half space, 1.5 inch margins, and 12point type using Times New Roman.

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