1. (TCO 1) Which of the following is an example of an organization? (Points : 7)
The Department of Labor
The Atlanta Braves
The Boys & Girls Club of America
All of the above

Question 2.2. (TCO 2) In Florida, a vacationer could choose from over 200 timeshare resorts. In Vermont, the choice is limited to 15. A resort in Vermont has (Points : 7)
the power of buyers.
the power of suppliers.
the threat of new entrants.
competitive rivalry.
the competitive advantage.

Question 3.3. (TCO 3) Individuals in an organization who find themselves in an ethical dilemma have many factors that will determine whether their behavior is ethical or unethical. Which of the following does NOT determine the behavior? (Points : 7)
Organizational culture
Individual's stage of moral development
Issue intensity
Individual's characteristics
Size of the organization

Question 4.4. (TCO 4) When 12 original countries joined together, with the primary goal of reasserting the region's economic position against the United States and Japan, the _____ was formed. (Points : 7)
African Union
European Union
Central America Free Trade Agreement
developing market economy
Association of South-East Asian Nations

Question 5.5. (TCO 5) Busy managers will often make a decision based only on their ability to understand and process the information. This type of decision making is (Points : 7)
bounded rationality.
a satisfice.
rational decision making.
escalation of commitment.
None of the above

Question 6.6. (TCO 6) Jay wants to start a new business. Which of the following questions should he use as part of his analysis of the ideas for a new business? (Points : 7)
Who is the potential customer?
What simliar or unique product features does his proposed idea have to compare to what's currently on the market?
How and where will potential customers purchase his product?
How will he need to promote and advertise his product?
All of the above.

Question 7.7. (TCO 7) A regional manufacturing operation has the following divisions: manufacturing, finance, human resources, marketing, and shipping/receiving. This is an example of _____ departmentalization. (Points : 7)

Question 8.8. (TCO 8) According to Herzberg, when _____ factors are adequate, employees won't be satisfied, but they won't be dissatisfied either. (Points : 7)

Question 9.9. (TCO 9) During which stage of group development do members try out various forms of behavior in an attempt to test the waters and see what will be acceptable in the group? (Points : 7)

Question 10.10. (TCO 10) Income statements, balance sheets, and audits are examples of the control of (Points : 7)
physical resources.
financial resources.
organizational complexity.
human resources.

Question 11. 11. (TCO 2) In today's environment, what are the important organizational strategies to be considered? Discuss why each is important. (Points : 10)

Question 12. 12. (TCO 3) Encouraging ethical behavior is part of management's role. What are four things that an organization's management can do to encourage ethical behavior? Give examples for each thing a company can do. (Points : 10)

Question 13. 13. (TCO 7) Briefly describe the matrix structure of organizational design. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this design? (Points : 10)

Question 14. 14. (TCO 8) Identify three performance appraisal methods and an advantage and disadvantage of each method. (Points : 10)

Question 15. 15. (TCO 9) Identify and briefly explain five communication issues for management in today's organizations. (Points : 10)

Question 16. 16. (TCO 10) Identify and describe the controls that can be used before, during, and after an activity. (Points : 10)

Question 17. 17. (TCO 2) What are the changes facing managers now? (Points : 10)

Question 18. 18. (TCO 2) Describe the six components of the external environment and give at least one specific example of each of the components that are not examples given in the textbook. (Points : 20)

Question 19. 19. (TCO 8) You are a manager of a consulting firm with 25 employees under your supervision. Employee motivation appears to be slipping, as well as employee performance. Employees seem to have a negative attitude about their work, which has led to some turnover of employees and an increase in absenteeism. You have been asked to provide upper management with recommendations of how to improve motivation of the employees. Please create a motivation plan and list the main motivational theories you are applying in this plan. You should come up with a minimum of three ideas on how to improve motivation. (Points : 20)

Question 20. 20. (TCO 9) You are the plant manager at Acme Plastics. You are running two shifts: a day shift and an evening shift. Before the day shift leaves each day, the workers must get an adequate supply of raw materials from the warehouse for the evening shift to use. On several occasions, they have failed to do so. By the time the evening shift gets to work, the warehouse is locked up, and it takes about 3 hours to get someone to come on site in order to unlock it and get the production line rolling again. The two shift supervisors are at each other's throats, and you have to do something to correct the situation. What is the basic problem causing this conflict? What could you do to solve it? (Points : 20)

Question 21. 21. (TCO 10) Our text defines the four functions of management as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Briefly put, the plan states the desired outcome or goal and the process for achieving it. Control is the regulation of organizational activities and processes in such a way as to facilitate goal attainment. Assume that you are a manager of a business. State the type of business you are managing (it can be any business you choose). Give two examples of controls that you would implement in the business and how they could facilitate goal attainment. (Points : 20)