TCO 9: Mobil Travel Guides establish ratings for lodging properties by:

surveying guest satisfaction.

organizing service contests among properties.

performing unannounced site visits and inspections. (CH 9 p. 291-293)

comparing their services to other properties near them.

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Question 2. Question :

TCO 6: How is the wellness trend contributing to healthier menus? Cite three examples to illustrate each point.

Question 3. Question :

TCO 6: How is the Internet being used in marketing restaurants? Can you think of two items that make them competitive against other restaurants? How do you use the Internet when deciding what restaurant to eat at?


Question 4. Question :

TCO 4: Compare the guest service offerings of an Executive Conference Center vs. a Luxury hotel. Cite three similarities and three differences.

Question 5. Question :

TCO 4: Describe and explain some of the duties and responsibilites of the morning clerk, the afternoon clerk, and the night auditor.