Democrats & Republicans

Both democrats and republicans fear the hard road head they see ahead. The groove that has cut between the two is growing bigger day by day even inside the houses, yet they are the ones supposed to govern this great nation together for the next term. The American people decided to leave the Republicans to control the lower house but let the democrats stay on top of them so they voted in President Obama. Even though they expressed frustration due to the stand still that almost pulled the nation into defaulting on its loans in the last year, they showed a sort of 50-50 split among the supporters considering the very narrow win against a republican, Mitt Romney. This will be a divide that will in a major way; slow down the progress of any issues maybe for the next 2 years and this might soon be an arousal of a crisis in the American nation. During the campaigns, Obama put his focus more on giving help to the middle class and the high number of believers of “yes we can”. Even with Mitt Romney and his allies spending more than $1 billion trying to throw him out, Obama’s tactics were more of a coalition of identity rather than ideology. Other than winning himself the seat, as a democrat of the nation, he also won himself a seat in history next to those other eight men who were re-elected more than once.

Even with the re-election of democrat and President Barrack Obama, the republicans continued hold of the house with House Speaker John Boehner saying that they will have as much mandate as Obama. They had made it their goal four years ago that they would work towards the loss of power for President Obama. Mitch McConnell, a senate republican leader, in his remarks following the elections said that the voters were not looking at the failures and excesses of the president’s first term. This showed their effort toward throwing him out of the white house. The republicans also went against the health care law that Obama tried to push through. They did not give even one single house or Senate vote for it but instead beat down the efforts towards ending tax cuts targeting the richest households, instituted during the Bush era. They had tried to use the high rates of unemployment in the states to show his incapability for a second term. In an attempt at deficit reduction, republicans have failed to raise taxes targeting the rich citizens.

Democrats however think that Obama has learnt his lesson in his first term that has led him to the realization that at times he will have to get involved in not just the crafting of, but also the negotiation of legislation. In addition, democrats topped up that such tax hikes by the republicans might always accompany such deals. By re-electing Obama back to power, the democrats made sure even with the number of republicans in the house, democrats sat on the throne. It is probable that the larger number that voted him in were democrats.

Obama proceeded to show the urge for unison between the republicans and democrats in the house when in his victory speech he stated that he was looking forward to working with leaders from both sides of the divide in order to meet the challenges that can only be solved through collaboration. This greatly supports my personal view of the situation. The United States of America will either have to change this name or rephrase by the end of this term if they do not set aside their differences and lead this nation together.