Define your own individual policy on food

Define your own individual policy on food

Subject: General Questions    / College life    


Consider the following and compose an argumentative essay:

Define your own individual policy on food. What criteria will you use to determine your own policy on what food you would eat? How would you fully enact your policy? What will your priorities be in terms of what you eat and where it will be obtained? What obstacles will you face? How will your background effect this process (do you plan on using your family’s eating habits as a model and basis for your own? Or will you make different/separate choices? What practical steps need to be taken to enact your personal food policy? Use one of the readings you have read so far to begin to define and formulate your own approach to food and healthy, environmentally conscious shopping and eating. Do you agree with the text or do you find your own approach to be in contrast? Use this other text to explain and/or differentiate you own position. You will need to make sure to identify the text and create a Works Cited page with one entry.

Format: MLA documentation, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman 12 font

Length: 1400-1600 words
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