Decision Analysis




Evaluation Summary

The analysis is all about analyzing the current workflow with analyzing the improvement things in total. There are number of things which have been considered in this scenario and Shuzworld has to consider the same in total for enhancing the situation and productivity of the company with efficacy.

Enhance the current level of workflow

The essence of continuous growth as well as advancement is mainly some of the considerable aspects from the perspective of the company, which is uniformly favorable for the Shuzworld. The layout of the production line is comprised on eight different locations, the work of employees, dedicated to accomplish things, like, extremely resistant work boot (RWWC) requirements. The company has got the availability of resources through which they can enhance their growth as well as business process, by keep considering and maintaining the competency of their production units. It is highly recommended that the total amount which is used to operating the working stations should be carried to its lowest level, as it should be five, instead of 8. Secondly, it is quiet significant to ensure that the actual assembly line goods is manufacturing, and decreased slightly between the productions

The total production time for the boot is mentioned below,

The projects A, D and H having a large project allocation of time, relative to any other type, which will reduce the amount of items associated with G. It is recommended for Shuzworld to reduce the level of their working stations from level 8 to the 5, and it is verified from the tables and diagrams given below:

The recommendations which are proposed to reduce the numbers of working stations from the level 8 down to 5 which is basically a provision of module tool called balancing which is taken into consideration for minimizing the total number of working stations are mentioned below:

Workstation A

Workstation B and C

Workstation D

Workstation combined of E, F, and G

5. Workstation H

After evaluating the above working, it is obvious that the production cycle time is 46 minutes per cycle, when eight stations; it will go to the level of the workstation 50 to the level 5. Reduced down to the level of the workstation, evidently increases the competency and reflect positive effects over the workflow of Shuzworld, particularly from 92% as a whole and the total average delay in this particular case would be stood at 8%

It is necessary to choose a perfect decision-making tool and for this, the Balanced Module tool is the most favorable tool for this purpose. Behind choosing this particular module reason is that it will augment the productivity of the company to it greater extent, and because of this particular model, the nature of the allocation and division of work between the workforces would certainly be easy enough. By utilizing this specific module, the important task is to correct the sequence, and by working down from 8 positions to 5, a great influence over the production, because it will fall to 92% level. In addition to balancing module, “Line balancing component is used to display a graph showing the change on the floor in all of the operations.

Line balancing is such a module that integrated the statistics from single or several plans. Multiple parts can be balanced on the same line. Based on the times, the Line Balancing module retrieves all operations and their associated elements and displays a Chart showing the amount of time each part spends at each workstation. The Line Balancing Module lets you evaluate multiple analyses to predict the impact before implementing changes on the floor. Applied Logistics supports your lean manufacturing initiatives

Analysis of the initial and follow-up costs

In order to improve the efficiency of the workers against reduced cost of production, it will be important to undertake a critical analysis of the data provided. This can be achieved through a revisit of the overall production cost schedule. The integration of sandals line from the point of view of production as well as operations will be extremely important and with the new sandal line, it would be considerably amplified, called a “Maui Sandal”. And the area of ​​focus which is requires in this specific case is the scheduling the timing of production. As reported the Shuzworld’s case, it will need something with a new line of shoes for about 1,000 hours of labor on the basis of a certain historical value generated. The standard cost of labor in the U.S is $ 1.08, and the learning curve is inclined downward by 80%. Moreover, the following month, and batches of sandals are given below:

left-2540From the above working, it is quite clear that the lots scandal increased 100 percent per month and this would be followed by the coming 3 months as a whole. The total amount of all these four months batch is “50.” The learning curve is the amount of time required for different types and through the implementation of the total of 3,737 for the $ 1.08 level, labor costs are mixed. The total budget comes to about $ 4,036 level. The Costs, working hours and per month starting in the associated table and graph formats are mentioned below:

Learning curve

It is evident that the cost of production is increasing with the increase in labour hours but at a relatively lower rate. This simply means that learning curve indicates that with time workers become more efficient and reduces the overall cost.

It is clear that the association of labor cost would be the highest in the 4th month of operation, in which the total sandals production was 20. After critically examine the statistical data, the first group of sandals acquire large amount of working hours reveal 1,000 while the additional along with the production to reduce this amount to only 283.83 hours this is consequently a cost-effective for production costs. The more production of a product the more decreased amount of hours needed to produce the product. By extending the production timeline over the trial of four months there will be increased profits and revenue while decreased cost of manufacturing especially seasonally. Excel spreadsheet view by specific learning curve tab formaldehyde Windows module is necessary to calculate all the data for that specific product. With module “POM” in the name will be used for the same analysis, the calculation of the total of all the data of this particular product. And inversely proportional to the amount of hours of production cost, with a high production took several hours to reduce the amount of each point. In the review of statistical data, the maximum amount is $ 1,000 the first sandals labor time required, further reducing production continues along this amount to only 283.83 hours this is a cost-effective labor costs accordingly. The more production of a product the more decreased amount of hours needed to produce the product. By extending the production timeline over the trial of four months there will be increased profits and revenue while decreased cost of manufacturing especially seasonally. By reviewing the excel spreadsheet specific to the tab of learning curves the module in POM for Windows was needed in order to calculate all the data for this particular product. This particular choice of tool accurately reflects the information as it calculates the data on the coefficient of the 80% model.


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