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Darwin, Descent of Man

In the third chapter, Charles Darwin talks about the differences between lower animals and human beings, who have mental powers. According to him, there is a huge difference between savages, which are known to be lowly, as well as apes that belong to a high class. The latter and the former, both exhibit certain common traits and characteristics. They include; imagination, memory, emotions, imitation, curiosity, reason as well as attention. Apart from these, humans are different and unique because they have the ability of communicating through languages, are self conscious, superstitious and they also believe in God.

The writings provided by Darwin are suggest that he was engaged in finding out about the origin of species, especially that of human beings. This is the reason why he came up with the book ‘Descent of Man’ in order to let everyone know about his findings. The major themes, which Darwin has made known include; mental powers, development of man, race and sexual selection. One is aware that in this particular reading, Darwin wanted to ensure that the moral power of human beings is evident. Furthermore, Darwin came up with the theory of the evolution of human beings in the 1800’s. During that time, most assumptions were often ignored, but not that of Darwin. This is the reason why Darwin is acclaimed as well as praised for his argument concerning the reason, which leads to the existence of human beings. He is a great and admirable originator, who deserves to be recognized. Indeed, ‘Descent of Man’ is a great asset to the world in gaining knowledge concerning human being existence theories.

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