Read the You Decide scenario and decide on a response. Your goal is to identify the critical issues in the scenario and determine how you would resolve. Write a report correctly formatted of at least 125 words. Drop the report in the DropBox. Remember to run the spelling and grammar checker on your work before turning it in. 

Other Requirements: Scenario
You just took a new job as general manager with a manufacturing company. They brought you in because sales and profits are declining. As you look into the company sales and profits issues during the first few weeks, you also observe that in addition to the declining sales, the company has complaints from customers about a variety of issues including late shipments, defective products and wrong invoices. Your sales and manufacturing groups blame each other and the customer for the issues including misleading information given to the customer by sales, incorrect information from the customer regarding specifications, and unrealistic ship dates. On Thursday morning of your third week a customer called with a complaint about defective product. The cost of the complaint could be significant. The department managers all have different opinions on how to handle the complaint. By Thursday afternoon you find that some of the required information to make the part was missing. It was a rush job. The information is normally requested from the customer by customer service. By late Thursday you have the following positions:

You have two roles here. The first is how to handle the complaint from the customer. Secondly you must decide on the customer relations position you want for the company.

Photo of Bob Yeader
Bob Yeader
Sales Manager
Photo of Dori Lately
Dori Lately
Operations Manager
Photo of Jennifer Garland
Jennifer Garland
Photo of Monica Milton
Monica Milton
Customer Service Representative
Photo of Sam Spaniel
Sam Spaniel

Given the scenario, your role and the information provided by the key players involved, it is time for you to make a decision. If you are finished reviewing this scenario, close this window and return to this Week's You Decide tab, in eCollege, to complete the activity for this scenario. You can return and review this scenario again at any time.