Criminological theory application research paper
Below is a list of Criminological theories. Please choose one and apply that theory to a specific crime that has occurred in South Carolina within the last 12 months.

The paper should provide an introduction to the topic; a detailed description of the theory you choose (historical foundation, primary concepts/propositions, and the future direction of the theory); a detailed description of the crime you choose; apply the theory to the crime and or criminal(s); then provide a conclusion. The professor suggests these topics be separated with headers throughout the paper (for example – Introduction, Theory, Crime, Application, and Conclusion). The paper needs to be a complete 5 pages, 12pt font, Times New Roman double spaced. The 5 pages do not include the reference page.
Make sure you utilize at least 3 scholarly sources (Peer reviewed Journal Articles, Books, etc.) along with the news/website references you use for the specific crime information. In other words, you should have at least 4 references included in the reference page.

Durkheim’s Theory of Crime

Theory of Human Ecology

General Strain Theory (Robert K. Merton)

Southerland’s Differential Association Theory (learning theory)