Based on the CCL article and Kegan videos, post reactions to the four conditions for vertical development and the three-stage development process described by McGuire and Rhodes (CCL article). Keep your response to less than 100 words

Center for Creative Leadership “Future Trends in Leadership Development” Article quotes:

“A new leadership paradigm seems to be emerging with an inexorable shift away from one-way, hierarchical, organization-centric communication toward two-way, network-centric, participatory, and collaborative leadership styles. Most of all a new mindset seems necessary, apart from new skills and knowledge. All the tools in the world will not change anything if the mindset does not allow and support change.”

“Organizations and those who would exercise leadership have no choice about whether to accept a new world that differs fundamentally from the old. Welcomed or not, it is the inevitable future and is becoming the present in many organizations at a breathtaking pace. At the same time, there is a choice about whether to deny and react to these cultural and economic shifts or instead acknowledge and embrace them. And there is a choice as well—for both organizations and individuals—about whether and to what extent to cultivate the culture, mindsets, skills, and knowledge that make it possible to leverage the enormous potential of the tools of the evolving Web to better realize their purposes.”