Counterterrorism in Security Management

Each question needs to be answered in at least 50 words

1. I think the privatization of physical security could be feasible, but when we start to look at counterterrorism and the intelligence function of the IC–
should this be contracted out? Are there legal constraints?

2. let’s take a look at some of the legal challenges with counterterrorism. What are some of the issues involving the Patriot Act and the Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance Act (FISA).

3. let’s take a look at the US Freedom Act a bit more, what do you think, does enable the IC to counterterrorism or add further layers of bureaucracy to fight

4. briefly outline programs like Tripwire and eGuardian. How can they help us in assessing risk and countering the threat?

5. how does DHS, using the NIMS concept promote interagency cooperation and integrate private agencies into the government response?

6. what is the role and mission of the National Combating Terrorism Center (NCTC)? What is the their relationship to the FBI JTTF construct?

7. what are some counterterrorism efforts of local agencies, state agencies, and federal agencies?

8. One method to do this is through an objective approach to monitoring terrorist threats and applying the appropriate counter measures. what is the purpose of
fusion centers? What purpose do they fulfill?

9. what is some formal ways private security can partner with state, local, and federal agencies?