please see the attached file. it's a consumer behavior problem. I can provide the theory keywords

Even with only 4 years of experience, Wrap-Attack’s wraps has mastered the art of perfect tortilla wraps. Recently, it was even voted as the best wrap in the state of Illinois by a national magazine. Without a doubt, it is Wrap-Attack’s fine reputation and great cooking that bring many hungry wrap lovers to the restaurant. However, there’s a much darker side to this tale. Despite Wrap-Attacks’s instant success, the owner was finding it difficult to provide the same type of wraps and experience to the customers through their take-out service. For example, given that their wraps are best served warm, the container boxes were not keeping the food warm. Further, these boxes were too big to fit the two wraps (they are often sold in pairs) which sometimes creates a shift when it’s being carried, thus making it messy when consumers open the box (if they got it to go). Furthermore, these boxes were too plain without any design or creativity. Recently, you have been hired as the new marketing director for Wrap-Attack. The owner has given you the “green light” to modify the box to maximize the appeal and marketability of their product.

Create a visual template of Wrap-Attack’s new container box. Explain in detail the changes that you have made to the original design. You can come up with many different designs. Please note: it must be realistic and feasible. Then, please provide a detailed explanation justifying your new design (linking it to the theoretical concepts we have covered in class). Please answer your question in the following format (this is an exaggerated, unrealistic example).

Modification #1:
Create a talking box. Add voice recorded messages to personalize greetings every time they open the box. In addition, these recordings will have additional information about Wrap-Attack’s weekly specials.
	Discussion 1a:
In order to heighten sensory memory, I recommend that they add pre-recorded voice messages in their boxes. This way, consumers are able to utilize their echoic storage to retain the sound of the pizza box. Since sensory memory is easily perishable, having a talking box will strengthen people’s ability to remember the information.
Discussion 1b:
Modification #2:  ….	Discussion 2a: ….
Modification #3: …	Discussion 3a: ….
Discussion 3b: … etc.
*** You should be able to provide me at least a small paragraph for each modification. Try to discuss the pros and cons (if any). Ensure to integrate theory in your discussion! I will evaluate your work based on the quantity and quality of your suggestion / discussion. I repeat, theory is important. Use it appropriately to justify your design. Typically, students have submitted a 3-page document + 1 page dedicated to the design. Create your design using powerpoint ? save it as jpeg ? and copy it to the word document as page 4. ** Alternatively, you can draw, scan, and copy that onto the word document. Any method is acceptable as long as it is within the same document.