WE, a subsidiary company of Pfizer Inc. Pfizer is a biopharmaceutical company. We develop, manufacture, and sell medicines for people and animals worldwide. Our primary sector offers prescription pharmaceutical products that often prescribe by physicians for Alzheimer disease, major depression disorder, pain, respiratory disease etc. 

WE was originally a small startup company that focused on cognitive and biochemical research. Pfizer saw the potential in our research and bought us out in 2007. Since then, we developed revolutionary product that will change modern medicine. It is set to launch August of 2013!

Our Product’s name is AA and, this is an anti-procrastination pill which is gummy vitamin that will prevent procrastination and significantly increase drive and motivation for 3 to 5 hours. 

Our target market is for college students and young professionals. 
Our primarily competitors are:

Merck & Co: they provide health solutions through prescription medicines, vaccines, and biologic therapies. They are historically our competitor.

Novartis: engages in research, development, manufacture, and marketing of a range of healthcare products worldwide. Also historically our competitor.

Potential competition: mentis laboratories LLC. They manufacturers Doxiderol which claims to enhance focus, improve memory, increase attention span, generate intense energy, improve retention of new information. (I googled “pills that will make you focus and they showed up. Looks shady, not a lot of actual information about the company”)

Competitive Advantage:

There are three main components to our competitive advantage in the market today:

1. First-to-market advantage: No one else out there has what our product can offer its users.

2. It’s affordable. $4? A venti caramel frappuccino costs more than our product.

3. It’s legal! Sure, there are similar alternatives to EasyA such as Adderall but if an RA walks in on you popping out product, the worst thing that might happen is that he/she’ll ask you for one. With Adderall, you might not be so lucky. Also, since its nonaddicting and over the counter for anyone over 18, it’s easy to find and use.