Clarion MGT350 quiz 7

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7


Question 1(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7The New Age Gallery has different admission prices for students, adults, and seniors. All three groups are entitled to the same services. This form of pricing is called ________.
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Question 2(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7The relationship between the price charged and the resulting demand level can be shown as the ________.
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Question 3(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7In industrial markets, salespeople outrank top management in determining the sales price of products, as well as pricing objectives and policies.
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Question 4(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7Price discrimination is legal if ________.
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Question 5(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7The fact that a hot dog cost five times more at Disneyland than at Sam's Club is an example of ________.
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Question 6(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7With target costing, marketers will first ________ and then ________.
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Question 7(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7Penny Bank, a discount retail chain, is highly competitive. When entering a new market, Penny Bank often cuts prices so deeply that it sells below costs, effectively pushing smaller retail stores with less purchasing power out of the market. Penny Bank is at risk of being accused of ________.
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Question 8(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7Rent, electricity, and executive salaries are examples of ________ costs.
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Question 9(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7Costs that change directly with the level of production are referred to as ________ costs.
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Question 10(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7The demand curve shows the number of units the market will buy in a given time period at similar prices.
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Question 11(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7Under ________, the market consists of many buyers and sellers who trade over a range of prices rather than a single market price.
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Question 12(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7When a firm varies its price by the season, month, day, or even hour, it is using ________ pricing.
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Question 13(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7A company sets not just a single price, but rather a ________ that covers different items in its line that change over time as products move through their life cycles.
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Question 14(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7Fixed costs ________ as the number of units produced increases.
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Question 15(1 point)

Clarion MGT350 quiz 7When Glow Gift Card Shop offers a price reduction to customers who buy Christmas cards the week after Christmas, it is giving a(n) ________ discount.
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