CHEM LAB 8: I have a chemistry lab I need help with! In...
Part I
1. What was the level of background radiation you observed?
2. What are some of the sources of background radiation?
Part II.

1. Record the radiation emitted from each of the materials. Subtract 
the background count to obtain the radiation emitted by the source 
alone. For example if your background radiation was 32 cpm and the 
radiation that you measured from the ? particles was 1632 the actual 
radiation emitted by the source is 1600.
Radiation of the source
without the 
background (cpm)
Radiation (cpm)
a ? particles
b ? particles
c ?  rays
d Lantern mantle
e Fiestaware
f Glow light 
g KCl salt substitute
h Smoke detector
i Americium­  241
2. Did you detect a difference in the radiation levels between the intact
smoke detector and the Americium­241 removed from the smoke
detector? If so why do you think the smoke detector is designed with that
3. Besides for the smoke detector, do you think there is a deliberate purpose
for the radiation in any of the other common objects or is it a side effect of
the material. If there is a purpose what is it?
4. In what part of the atom do alpha particles originate from? What part of
the atom do beta particles originate from?  
5. Why is protection from radiation necessary?
6. Conclusion. (write five sentences of what you learned from this lab)