Chapter 5 p. 224 Logic Ex. # 6a-b

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Homework Assignment Grading Rubric

Week 5 Homework Assignment- Total Points: 40

Chapter 5 p. 224 Logic Ex. # 6a-b:

Data Dictionary: 5 Points

Hierarchy Chart: 5 Points
Flowchart: 15 Points

Pseudocode: 15 Points

Following areas are suggested to consider while grading the assignment.

· Students should present the program documentation in a logical order as:

1. Data dictionary:

§ Should use table in Microsoft Word

§ Should include appropriate data variables and descriptions.

§ Input and Output/Work area.

2. Hierarchy Chart should:

§ Present a logical order of tasks/subroutines.

3. Flowchart should:

§ Flow from top to bottom and left to right

§ Not contain missing flow lines

§ Result in the required output.

§ Agree with flowchart in routines and detail logic.

4. Pseudocode should:

§ Describe all subroutines that are included in the hierarchy chart.

§ Agree with flowchart in routines and detail logic.

Finally, assignments should be completed as per the due dates. Exceptions to deadlines may be made in very rare cases as per the KGSM policies