1. Identify and discuss two factors that you think made this alliance successful.
2.What would you say about the meaning of an alliance?
3. Discuss Carlos Ghosn’s leadership in forming and managing this alliance.

As you develop your response to these three questions, you may provide supporting facts from the case as well as your own insights and perspectives.

Please limit your response to 2 pages total for both questions, and enter your response

From the e-Activity, examine one (1) situation where the majority of citizens agree that the government’s use of technology to conduct surveillance on unsuspecting citizens is justifiable. Considering the government’s efforts in thwarting potential terrorist attacks, assess the degree to which citizens’ privacy concerns are valid. Justify your response.
From the second e-Activity, examine the key ways in which the company that you selected benefits from the influences of changing technological forces. Next, suggest two (2) potential threats that could result from your chosen company’s use of technology and two (2) approaches that the company could take to overcome the identified threats.