Homework Assignment #2
Read Case 16.1, A Struggling Company Without Enough Cash, in the Northouse text (pp. 440-
441). Write a paper answering the four questions listed at the end of the case. In addition to
the Northouse text, you should support your responses with a minimum of three additional
references published within the last five years.
Assignment Criteria:
? The assignment should be between (4 - 5 pages), excluding the cover sheet &
references page.
? Prepare your paper in MS Word with 1-inch margins on all sides, double-spaced and 12
pt. Times New Roman font or 10 pt. Arial font.
? Submit the assignment to Turnitin.com prior to submission for grading, and make any
revisions, if needed.
? Put your Turnitin Originality Score on the cover page of your paper.
? Follow APA style guidelines for formatting, i.e. running head, citations and the
references page.
? Your paper must be original to this course and section.
Assignment Due Dates:
? Optional - Submit a draft of your paper to the Homework #2 Draft folder by June 17,
11:59 PM EST.
? Submit the final version of Homework #2 to your Assignment Folder by June 22,
11:59 PM EST.
? Late assignments are subject to a penalty. See the section on Assignment Due Dates
and Submitting Late Assignments in the Syllabus.