BUSN 5000 Week 1

BUSN 5000 Week 1

I need one paragraph for each of the questions.

1.  The nominal (not real) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) dollar value (in trillions) related to the most recent quarterly seasonally adjusted annual rate (do not provide the quarterly change in dollars; provide the total nominal GDP dollar value)

2.  Why do you suppose we asked you to report the GDP as the nominal value rather than the real value?

3.  The U. S. economy flows through various stages of the business cycle: prosperity, recession, depression, and recovery. In which stage of the cycle is the U. S. economy now? Please use real GDP values as documentation of the stage you selected.

4.  The most recent seasonally adjusted monthly U.S. unemployment rate.

5.  The most recent annualized U.S. inflation rate

Remember to cite where you found your answers (e.g., www.bea.gov/).