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Ford Motor company is on business in my community that is addressing the issues of global warming. Ford motor co. is moving toward hindering or decreasing the likeliness for environmental, economic and public harm due to temperature changes. They plan to decrease greenhouse gas emissions from there products and operations, focusing on securing carbon dioxide. ford is increasing the use of viable materials in there automobiles and decreasing waste to landfills by 17% per automobile from 2011 to 2012 and plan to decrease waste sent to landfills per vehicle by 40% up to 2016 worldwide.

Lifecycle examination have found that 80 to 90% of automobiles connected GHGs are discharged during the use point of operation, engineering and supply chain, which is a critical standard of there greenhouse gas emission impacts and decline strategy. Ford has created worldwide facility environmental targets that address the area of environmental impact like energy use, emissions, water use, and waste generation. They have set environmental targets and uses on precise scorecards to report against these targets. So they can track and speed up improvement. This becomes part of the performance study metric for every plant manager and labor affairs (Climate Change - Sustainability, 2012/2013). Carbon dioxide have come to new levels, upsetting the worlds temperature. we all should cut back on greenhouse gas emissions so we do not deplete the ozone ( Lawrence & Weber, 2011)

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