In a one- to two-page paper, think about the skills you need to launch a new venture, which skills do you require in the first person you hire? In thinking about the company culture you are about to create, what kind of values are you seeking in that person and all those that follow?

Sam Chiaramonte
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Professor Erin McLaughlin

Business Description
 “West by Midwest” is the advertisement agency. It is having its head quarter in Cleveland, Ohio. Our core business is to promote the brands in the competitive era to gain the competitive benefit for our clients. Our core business will be to generate the innovative ideas so that we can acquire clients. We will work for the creation of the advertisement like paper, radio, television, and internet advertisement. In internet advertisement we will use the email add as well as social media ads. We will also book the appropriate slots for the advertisement so that it can be reached to most of the people. For our clients we will be planning and executing the promotional campaign for our clients. We will be providing analysis to our clients to enter into a market segments.
Market strategy

As we are having the group of highly qualifies marketing professional having 75 years of combined experience in the marketing and branding. So our strategy will be based on the innovation ideas to acquire the maximum clients. Below is listed some strategic plan-
•	Innovation driven plans: We will provide the innovation ideas to out clients to promote their business. Our ideas will be based on the competitive market analysis and will decide what our competitor and what offering by us can attract the clients.
•	Frequent business meeting with clients: We will try to have frequent meetings with company’s executive every time with some value addition.
•	Use of latest technology to build the advertisement and promote them
•	Training and knowledge enhancement to keep updated with changing market scenario.
Competitive analysis

We will provide the services to our customer on the basis of competitive analysis. We will dig out the strength and weakness of our competitors and try to provide the service on that basis with some offering which our competitors will not be providing. We will try to grab the opportunity every time and every where we can. 
Design and Development Plan: We will provide the complete development plan about the ads. We will provide the complete product plan for our clients and roadmap for how we will achieve it and what will be the time line to finish the assignment. Firstly design what content should be advertised and when and where it will be advertised. Deciding which media will be appropriate of particular client and situation.
Operation and management plan

Here we have to measure how and our business will be functioning continues with the value addition to our customer. What will the organizational hierarchy? How individual will be performing his or her task without intervention by other. Who will be stake holder of ant task so that all task completed on time so that client get its work done on time. What will be the policies to cover the smooth operation of the company? How human resource activity should be run to achieve the maximum employee. How the best talent pool will be utilized to get the competitive benefit.
Financial factor
 Last but not the least financial factor is very impotent to run a business. So we have to decide how much cash flow is needed to run business and daily to daily expenses. What will be the target for the every quarter and deciding the roadmap to achieve it.

Tag line: “Habit to deliver best”
Executive Summary

 	“West by Midwest” is the advertisement agency. It is having its head quarter in Cleveland, Ohio. Our core values are the innovation and straight competitive marketing planning to achieve the greater height for us clients by promoting their business seamlessly in every media like internet media, paper media, television and social media. We are having the core team of marketing professional who all having the 75 years of experience combined who all have successfully executed the marketing plan with 50 clients. “West by Midwest” is having the combination of successes from other markets into a heady potion of imagination, wisdom, execution and results. Here we provide the complete solution for our client for promoting their business to get the competitive advantages. We hare provide the advertising process with latest technology and innovative ideas using our best brains. 


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