DeVry MGMT404 Week 2 Course Project Latest 2016 November

Subject: Business    / Management    

Week 2
Due Week 2: Project Charter

Provide a project charter of your selected project in accordance with the charter template found in Doc Sharing.

Please put this in proper business writing format. Consider me to be your boss. If working in a group, include the updated Statement of Participation for Week 2, describing how each person contributed to this project deliverable. Please place the updated Statement of Participation in your teams' Doc Sharing area for review. A charter should be a minimum of 3–5 pages long.

Deliverables for Week 2:

    Completed Project Charter (in MS Word)
    Statement of Participation and status update



Project Name


Project Number

Project Team





Start Date:


Scheduled Completion Date:

NOTE: Remove this note and all instructions in the template for a business professional document.

Mission/ Purpose

What is your project going to accomplish? How does this project relate to overall strategic goals and objectives of the company?Is it part of a program or larger project?


Description and Project Product

What will this project create? What are the outcome products being created with this project? At a high level, how do you plan on completing the work required for this project?List at least five high-level deliverables (outputs) that will be generated from the execution of this project. This section will help to prepare for your project scope and WBS later in the course.


What objective is this project designed to meet? List a high-level objective statement for the overall project and at least three to five goals required to meet this objective. These must be measurable.For example, if an objective of the project is the cut cost, then by how much will costs be cut?

Business Need
Why should we do this project?What will be gained, changed, or modified?Is there a financial or business reason to do this project?Explain, in detail, how this project will be beneficial to the project owner.


What are the key milestone dates associated with the project? Milestones may show the completion of a set of major deliverables or phases.List at least 10 milestones and provide estimated end dates for each.Milestones must have associated dates.


What is the estimatedbudget for this project? Do not research your project cost; this is an estimate. This does not need to be close to your project’s actual costs when your project planning is complete in Week 6.This is an order of magnitude estimate.


Estimated Labor


Estimated Materials


Estimated Contractors


Estimated Equipment and Facilities


Estimated Travel


Total Estimated Cost

User Acceptance Criteria

What are the minimum success criteria as defined by the key stakeholders?How will you monitor and measure the project quality?How will the project owners determine if the project is a success or not?These must be detailed and measureable.

High-Level Project Assumptions

What are the assumptions on which the project is based? What 7–10 statements do you believe to be true or will become true about the project during project executionbut cannot be sure at this time?

High-Level Project Constraints
What are the major limiting factors that affect the project?What 8–10 rules, regulations, requirements, laws, processes, or procedures are you bound by on this project?

Exclusions and Boundaries

What are the boundaries of the project? To ensure that your project scope is properly constrained, identify 8–10 things that will beexcluded from the project plans.What items will be not be included in the project?


Major Risks

What are the major risks affecting the project? List a minimum of 7 to 10 risks.These risks must occur during the project, not after the project finishes or before the project starts. The risks defined should be directly associated with the project implementation.


Project Manager Authority Level

Project Core Team

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)(What resources will you need with special expertise?)

Type Name

Project Manager Approval



Customer/Sponsor Approval