Subject: Business    / Management

Consider Taylorism, which is a system of scientific management advocated by Fred W. Taylor. In Taylor’s view, the task of factory management was to determine the best way for the worker to do the job, to provide the proper tools and training, and to provide incentives for good performance. He broke each job down into its individual motions, analyzed these to determine which were essential, and timed the workers with a stopwatch. With unnecessary motion eliminated, the worker, following a machinelike routine, became far more productive.

Would this work today? What is it like at Google? Why would you want to work at Google?
What is an Organization? What are some that you are involved in? Is this class one? How do classrooms differ? Leadership? Learning?
Why are you here studying Org Behavior? Why is this important?
Discuss all the types of Diversity.
Are people willing to give their life to the job still? Why do people work?

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