BUS 130 – Small Business Management Shadowing Experience

Subject: Business    / General Business

BUS 130 Small Business Management Shadowing Experience Assignment

Step 1: Select a small business field that you would be interested in exploring. (i.e. restaurant, convenience store, retail, auto service, ext.)

Step 2: Find a small business and entrepreneur in your selected field who would be willing to shadow them for a day. Spend eight (8) hours with you and allow you to observe his or her business from the inside. You can do the eight hours in one business day or you may split it into several days. What best fits your schedule and best for the entrepreneur that you are shadowing.

Step 3: Keep a log of what you observe during your shadowing experience. What kinds of interaction did you witness between the small business owner and his customers, employees, suppliers, and others? What did you find that was handed well? Compare what is in the text book and what is actually done in the field. Would you do anything differently?

Step 4: Write a report. This report should be 4to 6 pages in length. This is the major project for this course. Use your log (notes) that you took and reflect on what you learned during your shadowing experience.