BSN4017 Unit 7 Assignment 1 Latest 2017 March

Subject: General Questions / General General Questions
Generational Diversity
Assignment Context
By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assignment criteria:

Competency 2: Analyze the implications of working with interprofessional teams in multifaceted health care settings.
Identify specific skills that members of each generational group bring to nursing teams.
Describe strategies for building cohesiveness within multigenerational nursing teams.
Competency 3: Develop evidence–based nursing interventions to address specific problems and enable systemic change.
Describe the characteristics of the generational groups working in nursing.
Explain types and causes of conflicts that are likely to occur between multigenerational members of nursing teams.
Explain the benefits of a multigenerational nursing team for the organization, the team members, and patients.
Competency 4: Communicate in a manner that is consistent with the expectations for a nursing professional.
Write coherently to support a central idea in appropriate APA format with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a nursing professional.
Assignment Instructions
For this assignment, write 4–5 pages in which you examine the interplay of the three generations working in nursing today.


Today’s nursing workforce is made up of women and men from a wide variety of cultures, races, religions, and sexual orientations. In addition, nurses and nursing leaders come from three different generations with different attitudes, beliefs, work habits, and experiences. You may find yourself working with team members from the baby boom generation, Generation X, and the millennial generation. Team leaders need to understand, value, and support the skills, knowledge, and characteristics of each generation in order to build a cohesive, high–performing team. The leadership strategies that have worked in the past may not be as effective in the health care environment of today.


Research the characteristics of the three generations in the nursing workforce today: The baby boomers (born 1946–1964), the Gen Xers (born 1963–1980), and the millennials (born 1980–2000). Consider how nursing leaders can use this information to build a work environment that supports all generations.


Complete the following:

Describe briefly the main characteristics of each of the three generations working in nursing today (baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials). Focus primarily on attitudes towards work and family, communication styles, and comfort with technology.
Identify at least one specific skill that each generation brings to a team.
Explain the types and causes of conflict that are likely to occur within a multigenerational team.
Describe strategies a team leader can use to help build cohesiveness within multigenerational nursing teams. Be sure you include strategies for communication, setting and managing expectations, motivation, and mutual respect.
Explain the benefits of a multigenerational nursing team for the organization, the team members, and patients.
Your completed assignment should be 4–5 pages in length, not including the title page and reference page. Support your statements and opinions with references and citations from at least 3 scholarly or professional resources, and follow APA guidelines for style and format. In addition:

Include a title page and reference page.
Use Times New Roman font, 12 point.
Refer to the Generational Diversity Scoring Guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this assignment.

Note:Your instructor may also use the APA Writing Feedback Rubric to provide additional feedback on your academic writing. The writing feedback rubric does not affect your assignment grade, but its feedback may factor into the grading criteria, if professional communication and writing is a course competency. Evaluate your own work using this rubric. Refer to the Learner Guide for instructions on viewing instructor feedback.

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