analysis of the enterprise architecture and structures of an information system

Subject: Business    / Management    

Final Report: 2000-3000 Words (or about 10 pages)

The instructions are to select one of the three Case Study examples contained in Chapter 11 of the textbook as the subject of a final report for ITC 6015. The report is an in-depth analysis of the enterprise architecture and structures of an information system of your chosen Case Study. This report should outline the Case Study (see sample APA Paper in Ask Jason), the designated IS development resources, data structures, and high-level data architecture models as if you are the information architect assigned to support the Case Study's prime initiative. The report should describe how the effort aligns and influences business development at the organization along with illustrating value.

The content of the report should illustrate your understanding of Enterprise Data Architecture by showcasing the phases of architecture analysis and the multiple paths taken that indicate effective planning and implementation.

In support of the report, it is expected that you incorporate through citation at least 3 external, vetted sources (no sales/marketing) into your own points of view to provide industry validation to your conclusions. You should also include no less than two Figures such as a table or model of your own creation to support your analysis of the Case Study.

The report should follow APA style (title page, references, 12 pt font and double spacing) and include the following sections:

I. Introduction.
II. Problem Statement (what the system is looking to solve)
III. Case Analysis (elements, roles, phases, pre-and-post implementation factors)
IV. Alternative Analysis (what went right, what went wrong, what might have been done differently).
V. Closing Statements (Conclusion and speculative future considerations)

This report will be due on the final day of class.