Subject: Business    / Marketing
Question 1. 1.If Ampex Support Systems is the single supplier for a local manufacturing company’s MRO (maintenance, repair, operating) supplies and needs, Ampex Support Systems is considered as providing ________ for the manufacturer. (Points : 5)
systems buying
purchasing support
turnkey logistics
decision support
systems contracting

Question 2. 2.The total demand for many business goods and services is ________ —that is, not much affected by price changes. (Points : 5)

Question 3. 3.When a symphony orchestra targets people who have broad cultural interests, rather than only those who regularly attend concerts, the orchestra is targeting ________. (Points : 5)
market mavens
strategic segments
occasion segments
psychodemographic segments

Question 4. 4.Business marketers can stimulate problem recognition by ________. (Points : 5)
trade directories
direct mail, telemarketing, and calling on prospects
encouraging the Better Business Bureau to release statistics
consumer advertising
requesting testimonials from existing customers

Question 5. 5.Webster cautions that ultimately, ________ make purchasing decisions. (Points : 5)
only senior managers
individuals, not organizations,
organizations, not individuals,
third parties
systems contractors

Question 6. 6.The purchasing department buys office supplies on a routine basis. This type of purchase is classified as a ________. (Points : 5)
straight rebuy
modified rebuy
new task
secondary purchase
preordained purchase

Question 7. 7.________ is the strategic coordination of economic, psychological, political, and public relations skills, to gain the cooperation of a number of parties in order to enter or operate in a given market. (Points : 5)
Modular marketing

Question 8. 8.________ combines operationally driven mass customization with customized marketing in a way that empowers consumers to design the product service offering of their choice. (Points : 5)
Viral marketing
Virtual marketing

Question 9. 9.Procter & Gamble has many soap brands. One reason for this is that soap users tend to group together in terms of preferences such as bleaching action, softness, stain removal, et cetera. Which of the following preferences pattern would most likely apply to P&G’s method of response to market needs? (Points : 5)
Homogeneous preferences
Diffused preferences
Clustered preferences
Psychological preferences
Cultural preferences

Question 10. 10.In evaluating different market segments, the firm must look at two factors: the segment’s overall attractiveness and ________. (Points : 5)
company’s objectives and resources
the product to be sold
the purchasing process
competition’s strategies
the global nature of the product

Question 11. 11.Which of the following reflects high trust between business sellers and buyers? (Points : 5)
Distorted and hidden information
Incentive alignment for seller, not customer gains
Limited or biased product comparisons and advice
Minimal customer education and support
Customers help design products individually and through committees

Question 12. 12.A marketer is interested in segmenting a business market on ________ if the marketer intends to eventually segment the market based on loyalty and attitudes toward risk. (Points : 5)
situational factors
purchasing approaches
personal characteristics
operating variables
demographic variables

Question 13. 13.If a marketer is seeking to segment a business market, which of the following variables is generally felt to be the most important? (Points : 5)
Personal characteristics
Demographic variables
Situational factors
Operating variables
Purchasing approaches

Question 14. 14.Ultimately, the amount of steel sold to General Motors depends on the consumer’s demand for GM cars and trucks. From the standpoint of the steel manufacturer, which of the following demand forms is most pertinent? (Points : 5)
Derived demand
Inelastic demand
Geographic demand
Relational demand
Static demand

Question 15. 15.Not all attempts to target children, minorities, or other special segments draw criticism. Which of the following is the best illustration of a company (or industry) that seems to be marketing to a target segment in a correct and ethical way? (Points : 5)
McDonald’s marketing to inner-city youth
R. J. Reynolds marketing of the Kool brand
Colgate-Palmolive’s Colgate Junior toothpaste
The cereal industry’s approaches to children
G. Heileman Brewing’s approach to Colt 45 malt liquor

Question 16. 16.Moving into e-procurement has many benefits. Which of the following would not be among those benefits? (Points : 5)
Aggregating purchasing across departments gains larger volume discounts.
Aggregating purchasing gains centrally negotiated volume discounts.
There is less buying of substandard goods from suppliers not on the approved list.
A smaller purchasing staff is required.
Purchasing gains a significant leverage with top management because of its management team.

Question 17. 17.According to PRIZM, the ________ cluster is characterized as being in their late forties and fifties, college-educated, upper-middle-class homeowners that married late and are still raising children in comfortable suburban subdivisions and are still pursuing kid-centered lifestyles? (Points : 5)
Beltway Boomers
Young Digerati
Winner’s Circle
Old Milltowns

Question 18. 18.In principle, business buyers seek to ________ in relation a market offering’s costs. (Points : 5)
spread risks
obtain the highest benefit package
maintain everyday low prices
outsource as much as is possible
eliminate partners’ shares in profits as much as possible

Question 19. 19.Research has found that buyer-suppler relationships differed according to four factors. Which of the following would NOT be among those factors? (Points : 5)
Importance of supply
Complexity of supply
Availability of alternatives
Supply market dynamism
Demand market conservatism

Question 20.20.If a marketing manager segments the market into culture-oriented, sports-oriented, or outdoor-oriented groups, he or she is segmenting on the basis of ________. (Points : 5)
behavioral occasions
user status
psychographic lifestyle
readiness stage

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