ASCI 310: Aircraft Performance Research Project


One of the requirements for this course is an Aircraft Performance Research Project that entailsplanning a flight from Denver International Airport (KDEN) to Chicago O'Hare International Airport (KORD) for a given aircraft, weather conditions, and assumptions. The objective is to apply what has been learned throughout this course. Drawing on aeronautics theory and using the performance charts and equations presented in the course, each student is to answer a sequence of questions that step through the planning process. Remember, as with all of the exercises, all work (calculations) must be shown as much as possible. After all of the questions have been answered, the next task is to create a two-dimensional representation of the flight path showing the airspeeds, distance, fuel burned, and fuel remaining for the Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Descent, and Approach phases of the flight.

Project Files – Save all of the files to your computer or a memory device for ready access outside of this course. In Week 5, familiarize yourself the project files to get an idea of the expectations. Much of the knowledge and skills for solving this project are covered in Modules 6 through 8.

Here are some important notes for this project:

1. Max takeoff weight may not be realized taking off from a high-density altitude airfield.

2. To find out how many passengers you can transport, you need to know how much fuel you need for the flight.

3. Make sure you don’t exceed the max landing weight.

4. You might have to do some iterative calculations to complete the profile.

5. Show your work as much as possible.

6. Answers can vary due to chart interpretations and because one wrong answer will carry throughout the project. Consequently, this will be considered in the grading.


The Aircraft Performance Research Project is due by the last day of the course. The deliverable (answers and flight profile) must be submitted using the activity link in Module 9. You may submit the deliverable as a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint file or an Adobe PDF file.