Accounting: You will conduct a comprehensive industry analysis

Subject: Business    / Accounting

Industry Analysis :

You will conduct a comprehensive industry analysis and make formal class presentation (power point) (lasting no more than 20 minutes) on any industry from the list below. The presentation should highlight the key participants in the industry, past industry performance, future industry potential, critical environmental factors affecting performance, key opportunities and threats, and other issues of strategic importance. Presentations shall be informal, but should still be informative and lively.

You can choose one of the following industries:

* Retail: Home Improvement

** The Home Depot, Inc.

** Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

* Retail: Power Retailing

** Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

** Target Corporation

* Aerospace

** Boeing

** Lockheed Martin

** Northrop Grumman Corporation

* Automotive

** Ford Motor Company

** General Motors Corporation

* Tourism: Theme Parks

** The Walt Disney Company

** Universal Studios, Inc.

* Airlines

** Delta Airlines

** Southwest Airlines

** UAL

* Food: Beverages

** The Coca-Cola Company

** PepsiCo