Accounting Unit 2-Payroll Practices and Laws Discussion

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AC122 Unit 2: Payroll Practices and Laws Discussion
Discussion Board
Discussion Board Closer integration between accounting and human resources processing is a noticeable
trend in today’s business world. Modern database engines, decreasing cost of data
storage, and no longer needing to format accounting records for printers, all have
combined to remove some of the classical restrictions on the amount of data in
accounting records.

Discussion Topic: In the Real World: Scenario for Discussion
The Brinker Restaurant Group, owners of restaurant franchises such as Chili’s® Grill
and Bar and Maggiano’s® Little Italy, was sued by its employees for not providing
adequate meal and rest breaks. According to California Labor Code 512 and Wage
Order no. 5, employees must be provided with rest periods — specifically, a 30-minute
meal break — every 5 hours that they work. After 10 hours of consecutive work, the
employee must be given a second meal break. The California Supreme Court ruled that
the rest breaks had to be offered, but the employer did not have to ensure that the
employee actually rested.
What do you think? Should employers ensure that employees on breaks do not perform
any work? Why or why not?