BFA221 Accounting Information Systems
Assessment Task 2: Group written assignment
Assignment Objectives
Upon successful completion of this assignment a student will:
? Enhance knowledge of the accountant?s role within the Accounting Information System (AIS);
? Communicate risks and opportunities arising from the AIS with the aim to assist organisations to achieve their business

? Develop analysis skills;
? Develop work readiness skills.
Assume that you and your team members are recent graduates and newly employed by AIS Tasmania (AIST), an Oatlands-based

consulting firm.
AIST has been engaged by an SME, Tasmania Export-Imports, to determine if it is viable for TEI to move its accounting

practice into a popular accounting package.
Up until now, Tasmania Export-Imports has used a paper-based accounting system. Expansion plans and growing sales dictate

that this is just no longer viable.
Whilst TEI is primarily involved in sales, part of its role for the import market involves assembly of product. This requires

a low-level assembly-type operation out of its warehouse in Geeveston. The manager of TEI has undertaken her research, and

understands the theory behind application controls, but is not convinced that MYOB can deliver. With the planned expansion,

effective internal controls are essential for the business.
The Task
In your team of three, undertake an analysis of MYOB to respond to the scenario above. Your team is required to address the

three requirements below AND the relevant requirements stated in the BFA221 Unit Outline:
1. As consultants employed by AIST, prepare a formal business report for TEI, addressing the concerns raised.
2. Justify your case based on your analysis of the internal procedures and physical control activities associated with the

appropriate transaction cycles for MYOB and its perceived appropriateness for the future needs of TEI. Would any perceived

shortcomings of MYOB be addressed by comparable packages, such as QuickBooks, for instance?
3. In an appendix to the report, briefly set out the contribution of each group member to the assignment.
Additional Information
Although MYOB will be available in the laboratory at your campus used for the BFA221 practicals, it is acceptable for your

team to evaluate different versions to the ones provided, although V19 is preferred. Note that the requirement to complete

this assignment in teams of three is designed to develop your work readiness skills.
You are able to download MYOB v19 Student version free of charge, as you are with QuickBooks. The free versions are available

for limited trials (30 days for MYOB). With three of you in a group, this should provide plenty of opportunity.
To complete this assignment, you will need to input data into the package/s to gather information, and to provide examples in

your report to support your claims. Reports that rely on information gathered solely from printed or electronic sources, and

not from using the package/s, will not do well as they will not allow you to demonstrate your understanding. Include specific

examples to demonstrate your understanding, and that you have investigated the packages first-hand.
You must submit the assignment in two ways:
1. One electronic copy (only) of the assignment for each team to Turnitin by the due date and time through the BFA221 MyLO

site. Do not submit the Group Assignment Cover Sheet, but include in the filename all group members family name and the group

number (i.e. Wang_Smith_Mumtaz Group 4 Assignment 1.doc)
2. Securely staple a completed printout of the Group Assignment Cover Sheet signed by all team members to a printed copy of

your assignment and submit it to the submission box appropriate for your campus by the due date and time. Emailed assignments

will NOT be accepted.
Students need to be aware of the policies on extensions for assignments, penalties and review of assignment marks. These are

clearly set out in the BFA221 Unit Outline.
Date Due
Friday 21 September 2012 at 3:00pm
This assignment will count 25% towards the final mark for BFA221.
Marking Scheme
The assessment criteria are given below. They indicate the major areas of assessment, the proportion of the total marks

allocated for each and the standards expected within those areas. Please use the criteria to guide you in your preparation of

the assignment.
Assessment Criteria
Very Good
Awareness & understanding
Did not appear to be aware of or understand relevant issues related to accounting cycle processes, physical controls and/or

Sufficient, but limited awareness & understanding; significant gaps or flaws
Demonstrated sufficient understanding & awareness but with some gaps
Clearly demonstrated good grasp regarding awareness & understanding
Showed significant awareness & understanding; provided highly convincing evidence of both
Weak or no attempt at analysis/
evaluation; reliance on information gathered from elsewhere instead of from a first-hand analysis of the package/s.
Barely sufficient first-hand analysis
& evaluation; significant gaps or flaws
Reasonable first-hand analysis
& evaluation, but lacked depth; some gaps
Very good first-hand analysis & evaluation
Outstanding first-hand analysis; showed real insight & depth
Report structure
Not in stipulated report format
Some significant report structure defects eg executive summary does not contain the required parts
Appropriately laid out as a report, but lacked attention to detail
Very well laid out report; good attention to detail
Excellent & professionally structured report which adds significantly to readability & credibility
Poorly presented; highly inappropriate use of grammar, spelling, style &/or referencing
Barely sufficient presentation; significant grammatical, spelling, style &/or referencing defects
Appropriate presentation but lacked attention to detail
Very good presentation; good attention to detail
Excellent presentation including style/referencing; presentation adds significantly to readability & credibility
Penalties may incur for any failure to follow any of the requirements or procedures outlined in this document or in the Unit


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KT Decision Analysis

Research all three cities based on the selection criteria (musts/wants) your team decided on. This will inform the KT Decision Analysis. References you include will be based on your research of cities in relation to criteria. In the city sections you are highlighting the main features that you consider important & have identified & compared.

In the recommendation all you are doing is stating the country you have selected as a team & why. So in the first country paragraph you may for example, discuss weather & state that it is important to Disney due to the large proportion of outdoor activities. In the recommendation, you can just state that the final country was selected due to consistent climate & other factors & you do not need to elaborate too much here as that should have been covered in the country section

Costa    del sol

Cape Town




BUT located inEUROPE



Exchange rate


8.73South African rand/1AUS$



GOOD – sunshine, warm

Seasonable – 4   seasons

Tropical to desert (warm) – 22degree average



2.455 km2


Unemployment rate


23.2% (2003)

4.5% inMexico–LOW





Crime rate





No major theme parks, well-known tourism

Beaches, mountains,   forest

Spring Break

Average Spending

196 euro$ per day =   238 AUS$


970 AUS$ per week, 138 AUS$ per day

Airfares (fromAustralia, adult)

AUS$ 2,800

AUS$ 3,100

AUS$ 3,200